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Linyang Official Announcement: Linyang Enenrgy won the bid of State Grid Project valued 255 million RMB

Recently Linyang Energy received the Bid Winning Notice from State Grid Co., Ltd. and State Grid Materials Co., Ltd. that in the tender of the second Electric Energy Meter and Electricity information collection equipment by the State Grid Co., Ltd. Linyang won totally 7 lots of Class 2 single phase smart electricity meter, Class 1 three phase smart electricity meter and data collector/data concentrator unit, which totally valued 254,588,800 RMB and counted for 7.10% of Linyang 2017 audit sales revenue.

As one of the leading companies in smart metering, Linyang has products and solutions covering three areas of intelligence, energy saving and renewable energy, including smart meters, power information management system solutions, energy storage and micro-grid systems, and smart energy efficiency management, Cloud platform and one-stop integrated energy service, LED intelligent lighting system, N-type double-sided high-efficiency photovoltaic power generation components, 1.5GW photovoltaic power station and photovoltaic power system solutions, EPC and operation and maintenance services.