CSPV on-site direct attack | Lin Yang Energy will take the next China Solar Grade Silicon and Photovoltaic Power Generation Seminar
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CSPV on-site direct attack | Lin Yang Energy will take the next China Solar Grade Silicon and Photovoltaic Power Generation Seminar

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On November 8, the 14th China Solar Grade Silicon and Photovoltaic Power Generation Seminar (14th CSPV) was held in Xi'an. Guided by global technology development trends, the conference fully demonstrates the potential opportunities of the industry, aiming to help domestic PV companies improve their core competitiveness, reduce market risks, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of China's solar photovoltaic industry.

Mr. Shi Dinghua, former Honorary of the State Council, Honorary Chairman of China Renewable Energy Society, Mr. Wang Bohua, Secretary General of China Photovoltaic Industry Association, Wang Sicheng, Researcher of Energy Research Institute of National Development and Reform Commission, Academician Yang Deren of Zhejiang University, and Mr. Wu Dacheng, Executive Director of China Renewable Energy Society Representatives from the business community and media representatives, attended by thousands of "political, production, learning and research" guests at home and abroad. The meeting was chaired by the vice president and secretary general of CSPV, director of the solar energy research institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and chairman of the Shanghai Solar Energy Society. Professor Shen Wenzhong presided over.

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Mr. Lu Yonghua, President of Linyang Group and Chairman of Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the conference and delivered an opening speech. Officially announced that Lin Yang will take over Longji in the 15th CSPV Conference in Nantong, Jiangsu.

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Chairman Lu Yonghua said at the meeting: "The solar energy industry is a sunny industry, and it is an industry that is conducive to the future and benefiting the future. This conference is closely related to the cutting-edge technology of photovoltaics, promoting the concept of the latest industrial application and the long-term of Linyang Group. The actions to promote the development of photovoltaics have coincided."

At the subsequent flag-raising ceremony, Professor Shen Wenzhong, the organizer of the Shanghai Solar Energy Society, presented the flag of the conference to the next organizer. Mr. Gu Yongliang, the vice chairman of Jiangsu Linyang Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd., took the lead on behalf of the company.

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It is worth noting that Linyang Group entered the photovoltaic manufacturing industry as early as 2004. In 2006, it successfully listed on NASDAQ in the United States. It has always been committed to “building a green environment and creating a better life” and keeping up with the development of the photovoltaic industry. . In recent years, Lin Yang has focused on the development and construction of various types of distributed photovoltaic power plants in eastern China. At present, it has nearly 1.5GW of grid-connected power stations and 1.2 GW of reserve projects. It contributes about 1.8 billion clean energy to the society every year. Reduced about 1.8 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

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With the continuous development of the industry, at the end of 2017, in order to promote the development of clean energy applications, the company will invest in 2GW “N” double-sided high-efficiency solar cells and components at an early date. At present, the first phase of the 400MW half-chip double-sided double-glass component has reached 350W, which is at the international advanced level. At the same time, the company also set up Linyang New Energy Research Institute and Design Institute. Through the innovation and optimization of distributed photovoltaic integrated system efficiency, the power generation performance of Linyang double-sided components is continuously improved, and “high reliability and high” are realized as soon as possible. Cost-effective, high-power generation" distributed photovoltaic power plant projects. Committed to providing customers with a comprehensive package of solutions from component and system design to power plant integration. The company's N-type double-sided technology products and new energy research institute design and EPC capabilities have been widely used and fully affirmed in the third batch of national front-runner application bases.

As the next organizer, Lin Yang sincerely welcomes the industry colleagues to meet Nantong in the autumn of 2019, discuss industrial technology innovation, share cutting-edge technological progress, and discuss the development of the industry, and jointly promote the beautiful homeland of the sky blue and the green land. The industry develops healthily and orderly.