Bangladesh Sansul Huck and China Power Construction and his team visited the Linyang PV project to discuss cooperation matters!
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Bangladesh Sansul Huck and China Power Construction and his team visited the Linyang PV project to discuss cooperation matters!


Recently, Ms. Sansul Huck of Bangladesh and Miao Jianbing, deputy general manager of China Power Construction Henan Engineering Company visited a number of different types of PV power plants in Linyang and went to Linyang Headquarters to inspect Linyang Intelligence, Energy Saving and New Energy three major business. Lin Yang’s efficient management of enterprise management, innovation and quality product technology, investment and financing strength and outstanding achievements in recent years have been praised, and expressed willingness to cooperate with Lin Yang in all aspects.

Bangladesh is located between 20.34° to 26.39° north latitude and 88.00° to 90.41° east longitude. It is a subtropical country with 7 days of sunshine throughout the year, with daily solar radiation reaching 4 to 6.5 kWh/m2. Bangladesh has developed a solar energy resource to provide a viable basis for addressing the lack of domestic electricity supply. Therefore, in recent years, the Bangladesh government has actively promoted and encouraged domestic adoption of solar photovoltaic power generation, and the photovoltaic industry has a good market environment in Bangladesh.

At the symposium, Mr. Fang Zhuangzhi, Vice President of Linyang Control Committee, General Manager of Intelligent Sector, Vice President of Linyang Control Committee, and Mr. Jun Jun, General Manager of Lin Yangxin Energy, Mr. Sansul Huck and Deputy General Manager Miao Jianbing The visit was warmly welcomed! In the course of more than 20 years of development, Lin Yang has comprehensive strength and covers a wide range of fields. In recent years, Lin Yang has focused on the strategic goal of “becoming the largest interconnected operation and service provider in the field of global distributed energy and energy efficiency management”, vigorously exploring overseas markets and accelerating smart, energy-saving and new energy in the “Belt and Road” region. Global business layout.

Bangladesh is a key international market developed by Lin Yang. Lin Yang is willing to be a reliable strategic partner of Bangladesh in the field of energy infrastructure construction, making positive contributions to Bangladesh's economic development and people's livelihood improvement, and becoming a bridge for China-Bangladesh friendship.