2018 First China PV Industry Leading Forum was successfully held.
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2018 First China PV Industry Leading Forum was successfully held.

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In 2018, it was a year when photovoltaics suffered a cold winter. When the industry was in a bleak winter, the country's third batch of photovoltaic power generation applications led the Sihong base to take the lead in grid-connected power generation to lead the "leaders" and inject a warm current into the industry. In October, the flood of rice in the floodplain, “Feng” Jingzhengmei, also ushered in the first China PV industry leading forum. The theme of this forum is jointly sponsored by Tongwei Group, Linyang Group, China General Nuclear Power Group, China Power Investment Group, and Jingke Power.

In recent years, with the advancement of technology, the global photovoltaic industry has ushered in explosive growth. In China, the newly installed capacity of photovoltaics continues to increase, and the photovoltaic industry has begun to transform from large to strong. In this process, the implementation of the photovoltaic power generation leader plan and the construction of the leader base have greatly promoted China's photovoltaic power generation technology advancement, industrial upgrading, market application and cost reduction.

Cao Xiuming, deputy mayor of Suqian City, Wang Xiaodong, secretary of the Sihong County Party Committee, Fan Dejun, member of the Standing Committee of the Sihong County Committee, and deputy director of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association, Wang Bohua, former director of the State Council and chairman of the China Renewable Energy Society Lin Yang Group President, Lin Yang Energy Chairman Lu Yonghua, Tongwei Group Chairman Liu Hanyuan and other leaders and guests were invited to attend and discuss the innovative development measures and mechanisms of China's photovoltaic leading base to promote multi-win.

At the meeting, Cao Xiuming, deputy mayor of Suqian City, on behalf of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, expressed sincere welcome to the guests. He said that at present, it is at the highest point of the industry development, and PV clusters gather in Sihong to jointly seek the development of photovoltaic industry. I hope to take advantage of the opportunities of the forum, integrate the wisdom of experts, plan ahead, seize opportunities, find the right position, and strive to build a new height in the photovoltaic industry, so that the Suqian photovoltaic industry will continue to move to a new level.

Lin Yang Group President and Lin Yang Energy Chairman Lu Yonghua said: Sihong is Lin Yang's second hometown. Since March 2016, Lin Yang has formed smart, energy-saving and new energy in Sihong in just two years. The three major industries have joined forces to develop a new pattern.

President Lu Yonghua said that Sihong County, as the main sector of Linyang's future development, has a good investment environment and rich potential for photovoltaic development. After Linyang Photovoltaic and Linyang Optoelectronics entered the Sihong Development Zone, the county government of the county government Supporting tax incentives and other aspects, and fully fulfilling the promises, let Lin Yang feel the warmth of home."

Looking forward to the prospects of the solar industry, President Lu Yonghua mentioned that although the current solar industry is very difficult, the solar industry is a sunny industry, and it is an industry that is conducive to the future and beneficial to the future. "We will focus on becoming the "biggest operation and service provider of smart distributed photovoltaic power plants", give full play to its own advantages, increase investment in the flood-stricken areas, and make Sihong a demonstration area for the Linyang industrial cluster.

In 2018, the first China PV Industry Leading Forum was successfully held to build a platform for all parties to fully exchange and cooperate, not only to provide good solutions for local governments in China, but also to create better opportunities for the healthy and green development of energy companies.