Nanjing Water Group office
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Architectural Lighting

Nanjing Water Group office

Case Name
Nanjing Water Group office

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Lucala concepts
Strengthen the architectural features; interpretation of architectural styles; fit the corporate culture; use lines and colors to describe the water of life; be imbued with the same spirit

Project Description

  1. The first national historical and cultural city in national gate cities and the country's key tourist city; 

  2. White lines are applied as the main design element of facade design to match the white and grey construction body and form a a correct and orderly architectural spirit integrated with functionalism and modern style. 

  3. Building volume is stable, using light-colored segments for decoration let lively revealed in the steady building without making in tedious. 

  4. Going with grey and white, darkness was integrated in brightness, where the levels of grey and white complement each other, making architectural image more rich with lays of graphics and stereoscopic impression, so that the artistic style became more distinctive and expressive.

Main production

Nanjing Water Group office Nanjing Water Group office