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About Lucala

Brand Concept

LUC originates from Luces (nouns plural of Lux), unit of Illuminance, representing lighting, light, hope;

ALA originates from Impala, a kind of antelope good at running, representing the agility, speed, and efficiency;

LUCALA, LUC + ALA, meaning Lucala Lighting is like an antelope running towards hope and bright, which strives to become a leader in the LED lighting industry.

The entire outline looks like a horn of a majestic antelope, which is interlinked with the meaning of company's English name LUCALA;

The lower part of Logo looks like the spiral interface of bulb base, representing lighting products;

The gray polygon in the upper middle looks like an LED chip embedded in them, representing the science, technology and innovation;

The overall yellow color is both the antelope itself and a symbol of the sun's light, meaning that Lucala Lighting strives to be the leader of technology and innovation in LED lighting industry.

The core value of the brand