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About Us


Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 as one of the famous domestic suppliers of Smart Electronic Energy Meter and Electricity management information system(including terminal products and system solution). After 20 years, the company has gone through crucible, transformation and growth, Linyang is a listed and collective operating enterprise that has already own more than 100 subsidiary corporations. The products and solutions of the company including smart meter, AMI system, LED, intelligent lighting system, energy efficiency management platform, energy-saving services,  photovoltaic module, distributed photovoltaic power station system, distributed power station operating platform, Micro-grid system and etc., which covered the Smart, Energy-saving and Renewable Energy all three fields.

Linyang has a strong technology team which has more than 500 development professionals. The company founded several scientific research center such as the 'National Post-Doctoral Programme', 'Jiangsu Power & Electronic Development and Research Center', 'Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center' and so on, meanwhile, Linyang cooperated with so many famous academies and scientific research insititution in China and abroad. For the insistence and pursuit of product quality, the Company integrated the most advanced automation, information, lean and energy-saving equipment. Linyang established the scientific production management process, manufacturing system and quality standard, try the best to supply the reliable products and solutions for the global customers.

In 2015, according to market situation and enterprise's own needs of rapid development, the Company is speeding up the strategic construction in energy sources and energy efficiency management. Relying on massive amounts of data collection, Hi-Reliability broadband two-way communication, energy management and optimized dispatching, distributed collaborative control, cloud computing and huge advantage of technology, Linyang actively build the intelligent distributed energy management platform. Under the 'internet+' national strategy and state gird structural reform, working on distributed generation, intelligent distributed energy management, smart energy efficiency management, Micro-grid and several major fields, overall arrangement upstream power generation, downstream electricity selling and energy efficiency integrative energy source network.

In the past 20 years, the Company’s philosophy—‘customer is the first, credit is the basis and keep improving’ is what we have pursued consistently. The company consistently developed the market, sales network has covered all over the country and the business across five continents until now. The Company gained more and more power, the brand popularity continues to rise and won the trust from the society. In the recent years, the company has achieved the strategic cooperation with Landis&Gyr, Huawei, Tongwei, Neusoft and several well-known enterprises domestic and overseas. The powerful combination could complement each other's advantages, to develop more broad market, and eventually to achieve mutually benefits and win-win situation.

According to 'Create the green environment and build the better life', Linyang was acting in the enterprise's spirit of 'go on world without end, never scale new heights', continuous innovation and efficient management. The company will continue to explore our own advantages, integrate the resources effectively and increase sustainable competitive power for marketing challenge. Twenty years of sharpening the sword for creating the future. Lingyang is stepping into the wonderful vision--'to create the world-famous brand, to build a century-lasting Linyang'.